Marilou Trask-Curtin

What's Happening

Well so far this has been a year of intense challenges for me on every level: emotional, physical and spiritual,  It seems that my angels/guides and teachers in other realms feel it is time for a bit of soul house cleaning.  Much of this is not easy as anyone who has gone through it knows, but I have faith and hope that it is all for the best.  I have learned to change so much of how I view the world and the people in my life of late.  I have learned to let go o th epast, come to terms with grief and loss, challenged and forgiven the negative people in my life as I move toward acceptance and release.  It isn't easy but necessary as all re-evaluations often are.
On a happier note I recently received complimentary copies of my next book about reincarnation and holding it in my hands gave me such a touch of joy.  It s my sincerest hope that this book will, like my previous one "Dreaming of the Dead" offer much solace and comfort to my readers.  Many have got in touch with me via this site and my emal to share their own experiences, insights about how my book has helped them cope with the topic of death and in the end result many have become close friends that I am so grateful for.
Another proud moment for the reincarnation book came with a lovely review from The Library Journal and that too was a blessing.
Keep faith and hope alive in your lives and remember that we are all connected and not separate from one another.

Live your dreams!

I send you love and light always...

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